The Benefits Of An Instapot

If you are unsure about buying an instant pot, you are not alone. There are a lot of people who have heard about instant pots but do not understand what the hype is about. To help you understand why people are hooked on instant pots, you need to know about the benefits they provide.

More Than A Pressure Cooker

The first benefit of an insapot is the fact that it is more than just a pressure cooker. The instant pot is a multi-cooker which means that it is able to brown, sear and sauté food like a skillet. It can also steam food such as fish and vegetables. Your instant pot can also stand in for your rice cooker.

Instant pots also allow you to bake food in them. You can make bread, cake, and custards in the cooker which reduces your use of your oven. There are also some instant pot models that come with a yogurt making function. All of this is possible while it works as a slow cooker as well.

Fast Elaborate Meals

If you want to make an elaborate meal, you might imagine standing in your kitchen and cooking for hours. When you have an instant pot, you do not have to worry about this because it will cook faster. These appliances use pressure and heat to cook food faster than conventional methods.

In fact, it has been found that instant pots will speed up normal cooking speeds by a factor of 3. This means that the elaborate meal that usually takes hours can be achieved in less than an hour. Meat can be cooked quickly, but retain all of the tenderness of slower cooking speeds.

The Safety

When people think about pressure cookers, they often imagine the old manual pressure cookers which could be unsafe. The instant pot is different as there are a number of built-in safety features to make their use safer. One of these features is a host of sensors which regulate the temperature and pressure inside the pot.

There are also sensors which detect if the lid is locked. If the cover has not been clamped down firmly, these sensors will not allow the appliance to pressurize. Additionally, when the interior does start to pressurize, the lid will automatically be locked into place.

Easy Cleaning

Another benefit of these appliances is the fact that they are easy to clean. As you only cook in one pot, you have less to clean. This single pot can also be wash easily by hand while a number of the other parts can be put into the dishwasher. Of course, you will need to be careful with cleaning certain parts of the appliance due to the electrics.

There are a lot of benefits to an instant pot that you need to be aware of. These appliances offer shorter cooking times while being much safer than the pressure cookers of the past. Instant pots are also multi-cookers which increase the number of recipes you can make.

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