Why You Should Invest In A Instapot Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers have a long history. In 1679 a French physicist named Denis Papin invented what he named the ‘Steam Digester’ which has designed to reduce cooking time. However, the commercial introduction of the pressure cooker for home use had to wait until 1938 when German Alfred Vischler unveiled his ‘Flex-Seal Speed Cooker’. Unfortunately for Vischler, the product did not capture the imagination of the public. That happened with the launch of the ‘Presto’ home pressure cooker – which was introduced in 1939 at the World’s Fair in New York.

Since that time the pressure cooker has become one of the most popular appliances in American kitchens. The question is why? And should you invest in one of the latest models of this counter-top appliance?

The advantages of using a pressure cooker are almost too many to mention. Firstly they reduce cooking times while at the same time ensuring that the natural flavors of the ingredients are retained – along with their nutritional value. They also provide the aspirant home chef with the ability to simply leave the device alone while it performs the task that it was designed for – leaving them free to either enjoy some leisure time – or get on with other tasks. They reduce the heat in the kitchen and can save on energy costs as well.

There are other reasons that the pressure cooker is such an attractive option. Dishes might have taken up all the burner space on a stove-top (sometimes the oven as well) can now be prepared using a single appliance. The balancing act that is required to prepare multiple ingredients is eliminated through the use of a pressure cooker. There are also numerous guides on how to convert your favorite recipes to pressure cooker friendly approaches.

Pressure cookers also allow the natural flavors of the ingredients to shine in part due to the fact that they allow those ingredients to retain high levels of moisture. A bonus of this approach is that what moisture does escape the ingredients is sealed within the cooker rather than escaping as steam – allowing for that moisture to be used to make the most wonderful gravies and sauces.

The final consideration is safety. Many of the original pressure cookers had a dubious safety record. They had a tendency to literally blow their tops. however, new safety innovations and materials have almost eliminated this risk. Add to this the fact that the best pressure cookers on the market today also double as slow cookers and you end up with a truly versatile kitchen appliance. A plus is the fact that electronic controls, cooking time and menu presets mean that using a pressure cooker is now even easier than ever.

Given these facts, the answer to the question of whether you should invest in a pressure cooker is a resounding ‘yes’. They save time, take up very little counter-top space, reduce the stress of the cooking process and allow for a huge number of delicious dishes to be prepared. Perhaps it is time to think about an investment in one of these marvelous appliances. For more information visit us at https://instapots.net/

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